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Defining data structure

We focused on defining a clear and organized data structure to ensure the seamless functioning of the website. We started by identifying the different types of content that needed to be displayed on the website and then categorized them based on their respective attributes and relationships. This helped us to create a robust data model that could efficiently handle large amounts of information and enable easy navigation for the users. We also made sure that the data was consistent across different parts of the website. By defining a strong data structure, we were able to deliver a website that was not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-friendly.


Industrial solutions

A world market leader in the small assembly industrial robotics segment with over 120,000 operational DENSO robots.

Project 1

Vehicle parts for your car

DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems, and components, working with almost every car manufacturer in the world. Our team took inspiration from DENSO's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology and reflected this in the website's design and functionality. We implemented features that showcased DENSO's broad range of products and solutions, including their focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies.

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Project 23

Locate shops and repair stations

DENSO has a vast network of repair shops worldwide, and we wanted to make it easy for users to locate the nearest shop to them. To achieve this, we developed a custom map feature that displayed all the DENSO repair shops on an interactive map. Users can search for a shop by location or filter by specific services, ensuring that they could find the most relevant and convenient shop for their needs.


Always the latest automotive news and updates

DENSO is a company that values innovation and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, and we wanted to reflect this in the website's content. We worked closely with DENSO to develop a comprehensive content strategy that included news, events, downloads, and product updates. This content was displayed on the website in an easily accessible and visually engaging format, making it simple for users to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information from DENSO.


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